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 Marshall Murphy

Broker Marshall Murphy has owned Independent Home Loan for over ten years, concentrating his expertise on equity lending to help those in need. His financial background and hands-on approach to lending has enabled him to become an expert in problem-solving and creative thinking for borrowers having financial problems or investors needing secure investments.

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 Robert L. Murphy

Robert Murphy is the Treasurer of Independent Home Loan. He supervises loan collections and borrower billing when he is not playing chess or the stock market.

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 Neil Katzman

Neil Katzman has worked with Independent Home Loan for over eight years. Also an expert in personal service and equity lending, he has become a specialist in land, construction, and development. Whether it is helping a client pay bills, do home improvement, refurbish units, or even ground-up construction, the positive approach to lending at Independent Home Loan brings borrowers the benefits they desire.

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 Amelia Urango

Amelia is our escrow specialist. She makes sure all documents are properly deposited to escrow for trust deed loan transactions.

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