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     CA Trustee Laws is a new way to connect trust deed investors together. As you know, not all investors want the trust deeds they have and investors can’t always find the trust deed investments they want.

This investment tool will make it easier to manage your trust deed investments. No longer will you have to call every broker you know to scrape up a good loan. When selling a loan, list it for what you think it is worth. Let the real investors make you an offer instead of getting low balled be the only broker in town.

We are undertaking a double edged state wide marketing campaign starting in February of 2000. We are marketing to attract seller carry-back holders, private investors and B/C lenders for loan listings. Also, we are marketing to alert private and B/C investors and brokers about the loans available on our system.

We will try to grow inventory fast and are already planning some web site improvements that will impress you and make buying and selling even easier. We invite you to take part and look forward to your business

Marshall R. Murphy

Independent Home Loan

What the heck do I do with it?

Take advantage of all of the features of this web site to make selling or buying trust deed secured notes easier:

  • List trust deeds for sale.
  • Search for trust deeds to buy.
  • Set alerts for newly listed trust deeds.
  • Research properties with comps, maps and city profiles.
  • Calculate present values, yields, npv of cash flows, compound interest.
  • Find educational material.

Profile of a User

Syd Lebby has been investing in trust deeds for 35 years. “Troubles? You don’t know troubles unless you saw 1932”. Syd has become careful and shrewd from being self employed for 65 years. His best quote: “Another streetcar will be along any minute.”

Seller Carry-back Holders

  • Get cash now for your note.

Private Investors

  • Search for trust deed investments.
  • Sell notes you no longer want.
  • Research notes you are considering.

Bank, Insurance & Thrift Managers

  • Manage your portfolio.
  • Sell loans you can’t bundle.
  • Buy or sell defaulted loans
  • Assemble a portfolio at discount prices

Loan Brokers

  • Fund loans you thought you couldn’t.
  • Find new investors.
  • Easily find loans for your private investors.



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